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trophyLeadership Lessons from Sport
Tom and Craig are available for hire as guest speakers on a variety of sports-related topics
Shift your habits, shift your world
August 15th, 2016

We are creatures of habit – some habits serve us, whilst some do quite the opposite. Habits and routines directly influence a team’s culture. A certain way of running meetings, or of interacting with each other after mistakes or successes will shape your organisation’s culture. Some organisations choose to be intentional about their routines whilst others let them form organically.


The Busy Trap
July 5th, 2016

I’ve recently returned from the USA – heartland of capitalism and the ambassadors of the ‘go get ‘em’ attitude. I was lucky enough to spend time with one highly respected individual in the learning and education space. During our meeting I happened to grab a peek at her calendar for that week –  not a gap in sight! What made this more interesting was how affable and relaxed she seemed  and how freely she gave of her time and insights.  This contrary to what we experience so often. People who are constantly ‘busy’ – often too busy to participate in the activities that really matter –  in fact they are so ‘busy’ that they can come across as aloof, distracted – even chaotic.


The Facebook effect
May 24th, 2016

Isn’t Facebook just awash with success and happiness! Endless article and video shares and, if you’re my age, engagements, baby pics, holidays in Thailand…..! Heartwarming to see how all your ‘friends’ are doing so well – isn’t it? I would argue that yes it is, but what can one learn from all this happiness, and our own yearning for that same happiness?