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trophyLeadership Lessons from Sport
Tom and Craig are available for hire as guest speakers on a variety of sports-related topics
Pressure – The average vs the exceptional
February 3rd, 2017





The Leading Conversation II – brought together some of the finest sporting minds in South Africa. The theme, Leading under pressure, covered a complex area where the true skill and character of a coach or leader is put to the test. It’s the tough times that will ultimately define a leader and determine their success, hence a leader without a pressure strategy may be a leader with a very short life span.


Are you sure you want to be desperate?
November 16th, 2016
Fight with all your will to win. Win at all costs.  Leave no stone unturned in your conquest of winning.

These are the sort of statements that we’ve all heard in seminars, team talks or CEO downloads. No doubt they’ve been received well and left us inspired and determined to fight for the cause. As someone unashamedly, even overly at times, competitive I have to admit to having made similar utterances. The question is however, does the desperation we have to win become a burden? Does it sometimes get in the way of the desired outcome?

The ego has landed
October 24th, 2016

Oh how we love a big ego. We find humour in them, revere them, even vote for them. Think Jose Mourinho, Kanye West…. Donald Trump! The male ego can be a thing of beauty and an action catalyzer – but it can also spell disaster.