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trophyLeadership Lessons from Sport
Tom and Craig are available for hire as guest speakers on a variety of sports-related topics
Build the foundations first, Allister
April 14th, 2016

I admit to being partial to a good story. The off-centre story especially: the coach who tried some wacky method to engage his team, the company that did away with office hours and increased productivity….love them. As a performance coach it’s my mission to help build ‘remarkable stories’ in fact – it drives me. The question is, do ‘remarkable stories’ emerge only from the weird, wonderful or different, or do they emerge from ‘remarkable’ processes? And what is a remarkable process?


Thanks Coach!
March 8th, 2016

‘How many thank yous have you had?’ A question posed to schoolboy and aspirant coach who spent long hours of his holidays throwing balls for his young team players to prepare them for a tournament that he wasn’t involved with. The answer – one!

But let’s not feel too sorry for coaches – they know what they’re in for, and some of them earn handsomely. Finances aside, there’s also huge satisfaction that comes with the job. The question highlit here is one posed to me by a successful coach: ‘How does the system get the best out of its coach?’ Alluding to the fact that there’s a huge amount on how the coach can influence the system, but not the other way round.


Cricket in South Africa – Where purpose and plan diverge
February 11th, 2016

As a serious cricket fan, specifically a South African one, it’s been a tough stretch. Poor performances and lowering standards interspersed with only the occasional shining light have made for glum viewing. Interestingly  though, it has provided some insight around the need to align purpose with plan.