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trophyLeadership Lessons from Sport
Tom and Craig are available for hire as guest speakers on a variety of sports-related topics
Old school – New school?
May 5th, 2015


‘Wisdom may come with age, but not all old people become wise’. This is the maxim that comes to mind every time I witness leadership positions being given to senior people across the sport and business world. Earning the right to lead as a result of years of experience is often accepted practice in appointing people to leadership positions – but personally, I question the effectiveness of this strategy.


It just ain’t all warm and fuzzy
April 9th, 2015


How many post-winning speeches, or post-success memoirs pay lengthy tribute to the beauty of the success? The answer – most! Positives abound and retrospectively we talk about all the good things that were put in place to enable this success, as if we just knew that they would be the critical success factors. Forgive my cynicism but I just don’t buy it.


Beware of the ‘copy-paste’ approach
February 25th, 2015

‘Get into line’. These are the infamous words you may have heard at school where you were forced to conform. Then as you reached your adult years you thought long and hard about being “your own person” and making sure you impressed “your individuality” on the world. But what happens if that is not what is needed in your world right then and there?