Client Portfolios
May 6th, 2013

Our clients have included:

Western Province Rugby, Stormers Rugby, Ajax Cape Town Football, SA Rugby, UCT Rugby, UCT Hockey, Rondebosch Boys High School cricket, rugby and school leadership, Wynberg Boys High School Cricket, Paul Roos hockey, Paarl Boys hockey, St Andrews rugby, Bishops water-polo, cricket and rugby, SACS, rugby, hockey and water-polo, Womens’ Golf South Africa, Swing Fit Golf School, Western Province water-polo, Namibian indoor hockey, Maties Referees Academy, selected South African rugby 7s players, cyclists, tennis players and golfers.

Some selected reports on what we have done with particular clients:





Stormers Rugby 2011

The purpose of this engagement was to try bring a new field of expertise and an added competence to the Stormers management set up. Having come close to silverware previously it was deemed important to try and break through the final barrier to success. The work done here was largely on team culture and approach to matches as well as helping the senior group to try and consciously steer a set culture. We were integrated into the set up and advised on management decisions as well as conducting group sessions where discussions and learnings were had in order to progress the mindset of the collective and of certain individuals. The team won the conference trophy that year.

Western Province u21 and Vodacom Cup campaigns

The primary objective of these campaigns, from our point of view, was to help equip young players with an increased self awareness and hence, ability to control their mindsets in important games. A secondary element was to play a role in moulding and aiding the team culture of positivity, being good to each other and being driven by a common purpose as well as goal. Due to excellent integration into the management set up, it was possible to constantly hold people accountable and to help everyone involved make the best possible decisions in order to achieve success. This work was done in a group form as well as with individual players and management. The u21 team won the competition in 2010, made the semi finals in 2011, and made the final in 2012, the Vodacom cup side won the competition for the 1st time in 2012.

UCT Varsity Cup and league

The role of Headstart Sport evolved at UCT over the years, from mental coach to high performance coach. Initially the mandate was to enable a higher competence amongst in the players in terms of their ability to manage their own minds during games and off the field. It was also important to work on team dynamic especially in fostering an increased trust and bond between the players. As the involvement increased it became more important to hold a wider role whereby more individual work needed to be done, a more hands on approach to moulding and monitoring the culture of the group was needed and leadership work was done. In addition to this a large amount of the role involved working with management on their own processes and in making informed, high quality decisions to ensure we got the best out of the team. The team won both the Varsity Cup and league title in 2011.

Ajax Cape Town 2012 & 2013

Working with Ajax cape town involved a careful but well thought-out approach as this area of work was largely new to everyone involved. The idea was to equip players with tools and awareness as how to manage their minds and to try and create an increased interpersonal awareness amongst the squad.

South African Ladies Golf 2012 - 

The initial mandate of this work was to help the team mould themselves into a real ‘team’ prior to their world championships. Strategic and scenario planning, interpersonal relationship building, self awareness and tool creation were the main focus of this intervention. Some mental preparation work was included later on in the relationship as that was what was felt to be most pertinent at the time. The girls came 34th at world champs 2012. Work continued through to the following competition where we accompanied the team to Japan.

Rondebosch Boys High School

Headstart Sport  worked continuously with Rondebosch Boys High School for more than three years and  conducted extensive work in five sports across all age groups. The work always evolved with the school as different teams had different needs as well bearing in mind that people learn more in their current context than through content. The essence of working with young schoolboys is to help understand the importance of their minds in succeeding not only in sport but in all aspects of life, to help them build a stronger senses of team and how to behave best in a team environment and to assist in building a higher leadership competence. Although there is no doubt that there is a correlation between this work and an increase in winning for the teams, the educational aspect of mental work is more important and hence the long- term benefits were always seen as paramount.

Bishops Leadership

Every year Bishops hold a leadership conference for their grade 11 class which Headstart Sport facilitates. The intention here is to enlighten and educate boys around what leadership truly is, how it is relevant to them and to get them to think about how they may lead in their own space at the school and after school.

Bishops Cricket

The aim of Headstart Sport’s involvement with Bishops Cricket was to get the boys to think about their performances and through the techniques taught, get them to adopt new ways to better their game. Involvement will continue towards the start of the summer term.

Old Mutual Risk Team

This once-off workshop was intended to take the team out of their normal working environment and work conversations to stimulate and inspire a different way of looking at their team. The desired outcome is a better interpersonal awareness and understanding of what it means to be a team player thus creating a more efficient team.

Individual Work

This work is different for each individual as we have used a coaching approach to help sportsmen and women find their best way of operating so as to ensure success. It involves a deep level of questioning and introspective work to help co-create solutions going forward rather than prescribed, generic methods of working ahead. The length of relationships vary dependent on need.

Coach Workshops

Having delivered coach workshops to coaches across different sports we have found a way of teaching, stimulating and coaching coaches in order to get them to be more conscious and deliberate about how they lead and bring out the best in their players. We combine theory with questions and introspection to ensure that coaches leave with a path ahead and useful tools and methods to take into their own environment. We believe in working with coaches we are able to influence a huge amount of sportsmen and women and therefore aiming to help build a wider competence in controlling the mind in and out of competition.

Paarl Boys High School Rugby

Working with their 1st XV in 2009 and beyond there has been a specific focus on helping the team manage big games and the pressure that comes with them. This has been done by means of intermittent workshops that get them to discuss aspects relating to their own performance, bringing insights and new thinking into their environment and allowing them to own their own mindsets going into big games that they have to play.

SACS High School

Headstart Sport worked with SACS Rugby from 2011-2014 as well as with the 1st water polo team and all ‘A’ hockey teams. The emphasis at SACS was to create a high performance environment based around self belief and team culture, together with getting the boys to enjoy their sport.

Ajax Cape Town u19

This work involved an interactive program that aimed to up skill the players in general areas pertaining to being a professional sportsmen including: self awareness, goal setting, public speaking, team dynamics, career planning and being the ultimate professional.