October 10th, 2011

We help coaches:

• Develop a personal coaching philosophy and approach

• Analyze game plans and define game strategies

• Communicate effectively with players

• Motivate and challenge players skillfully

• Understand the human learning process in order to teach skills more effectively


Case study

We worked with a new coach who was recently promoted to job in the professional echelons of the game. He needed to form a connection with his team, get their buy-in to his approach, build team energy and develop individual player’ skills over the course of the season.

His ability to read team energy, to understand players’ mindsets, and to work into each players learnings and performance needs improved significantly over the course of the season and played a critical role in helping the team win the league for the first time in their history.


Graeme Wepener – SACS 1st XV rugby coach
Headstart has helped the SACS 1st XV over the past season. We brought him in at a  difficult time and he immediately made an impression with his positive approach and  absolute professionalism. The team responded enthusiastically to his message and  the effect on their approach to games and on field performance was immediately  apparent.

His weekly sessions were always interesting and challenging. They went way beyond the call of duty by attending matches and practices and feeding back their  thoughts to us as coaches over weekends. They completely immersed themselves in the  challenge and were always on hand to help. Their hard work and enthusiasm paid off  handsomely when we achieved our objective by winning two of our three Southern  Suburb derbies at the end of the season.”

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Teams we have worked with

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