June 25th, 2013

Headstart Sport specializes in facilitating learning experiences to promote ongoing leadership development. We believe that starting leadership development from a young age allows for the person to gain a huge amount of insight on themselves and thus give them an added advantage going into the world.

Our belief is that leadership qualities can be learned and developed over time and should try as best possible to make use of real life experiences to ensure the learning interventions are context specific and interactive rather than a mass download of content. This approach has proven to be more beneficial, especially for young people.

Some of the areas covered would include:

·         Discovering your leadership ability

·         Formulating a leadership ‘way’

·         Situational leadership

·         How to enhance your strengths to become a better captain

·         General captaincy workshops

·         The importance of leadership in the world today

Case Study:

At Diocesan College we conducted a Grade 11 Leadership conference in order to give each boy going into his senior year an opportunity to learn about himself and what he might aim to do as a leader. The leadership system at the school is an inclusive one in that every person gets a chance to lead and thus it was important to equip the boys with skills and insights so that they could reflect on how they could best show up as a leader in their current context, but also so that they could gain skills for leadership in later life.

Adding onto this work were two sports leadership workshops where a smaller group of sports captains were invited to debate their own leadership approach and also be challenged and stimulated so as to allow them to grow as leaders. Both of these interventions were very well-received by the boys and seen as enjoyable as well useful to them.

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