October 10th, 2011
We help players:

• Handle pressure on and off the field

• Get themselves back into form

• Develop an effective, tough way of controlling their mind

• Getting players into their Ideal Performance State (IPS)

• Plan and manage their careers

Case study

A player we worked with recently needed to make the transition from an amateur to a professional mindset. With this move came a great deal of pressure, which impacted the player’s performance. We worked through the player’s to clarify his ambitions and unpacked the limiting beliefs he held around his transition to the professional game, which were hindering his overall performance. We also reframed his career in a way that enabled him to enjoy his sport and get the best out of his potential. The feedback and results were very positive and although the work is not yet complete but rather a work in progress, his performance has improved markedly.

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Francois Louw (Springboks, Stormers, WP)
A mental coach is something I’ve never had before and something I’ve given little,  if any thought to. But Tom has brought was something completely different: an  objective way of thinking, what you can control and what to leave completely out the  picture. The time spent with him has helped us build on something deeper, something  that plays a bigger role in a sportsman’s world than most people realise.

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