October 10th, 2011

We help teams:

• Define their goals

• Enhance belief

• Clarify their purpose and core driver

• Build energy and vibe

• Bond and develop relationships

• Build a collective resilience

• Develop a collective leadership competence


Case study

The UCT Rugby team of 2011 was able to achieve two great feats: winning the Varsity Cup and winning the Super league for the first time in 37 years. This team was built largely around solid values of: developing people before players; putting ‘vibe’ (read: enjoyment) at the forefront of all activity; and being single-minded in their drive for success.

The role of a mental coach was given great importance from the start and the support from management and senior players played a large part in the success of building an energized and mentally resilient team. Although the team had great self-belief, it was important to continue developing this belief throughout the year, especially when things did not go according to plan.

Being a young team, it was also important to keep team sessions light and interactive so as to hold their attention. A key learning for HSS was that in order to get full benefit from our work, it is imperative that we work at all levels of the team: management; senior leaders; the full team and individual players.

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John Dobson, WP Under 21 rugby

Tom was more than fundamental in helping the Western Province u21 team win the  Absa u21 Currie Cup. It is hard to underplay the role he had in the team’s journey – by  the time that Tom had finished his work, the team believed they could beat anybody.

His impact came primarily in three areas – the players’ belief and confidence as a  team, secondly their personal growth (and this is underpinned by the individuals  continuing to work with Tom) and thirdly the enjoyment they derived from his  sessions and working with him. I personally found it a revelation and an exhilarating  ride.

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